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 Object Design Studio

290 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206



290 Fillmore Street
Denver, CO 80206


                                     Object Design Studio

Considered one of the best, living, custom jewelers, Nelson Giesecke has been creating fine jewelry in the Cherry Creek area of Denver for forty years. Each piece is custom designed in gold, silver, platinum, steel or palladium.
The world’s best diamonds and gemstones are available to the discerning
customer who wishes to help create a truly one of a kind piece.
If you are looking for the best custom jewelry in Denver with a flair for the well engineered and mechanical; or if you are looking for a truly unique wedding or engagement ring, Then Object Design studio should be your destination.


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Custom Design

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"Custom design" is is a vague term when discussing art and the field of jewelry. To  take a Dream and find a way to realize it in a well engineered and aesthetically, beautiful fashion takes a special talent. Object Design Studio is primarily a custom jewelry workshop that provides one-on-one service from design to hand built completion of your dream wedding ring.