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290 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206



290 Fillmore Street
Denver, CO 80206


                                     Object Design Studio

Considered one of the best, living, custom jewelers, Nelson Giesecke has been creating fine jewelry in the Cherry Creek area of Denver for forty years. Each piece is custom designed in gold, silver, platinum, steel or palladium.
The world’s best diamonds and gemstones are available to the discerning
customer who wishes to help create a truly one of a kind piece.
If you are looking for the best custom jewelry in Denver with a flair for the well engineered and mechanical; or if you are looking for a truly unique wedding or engagement ring, Then Object Design studio should be your destination.


Banging on Metal!

Creating and building high end, one of a kind jewelry and wrist watches. The process and concepts of each stage development. Kenitic art. Philosophy of art.


Banging on Metal!

Nelson Giesecke

Finally it is time to start this Blog!

Walking along a beach has always been magic, especially for someone born in the mountains far from the sea: The rhythm of the waves crashing against the shore, the smell of salt and ocean, seagulls, shells and sand, connects me to the heart of the Earth. The rhythm of the ocean reflects the movement of time.

Most of what you see of my work is finished products; pieces that may have taken years to complete, but are viewed as  completed artworks. The real day-to-day work of making something in the studio is lost. The process of hammering, bending, carving, melting, forging, is something that the average visitor rarely gets to see. The act of Art exists in the act of planning, experimenting, and, yes, problem solving.

Producing a hand built watch in a small studio seems like a good place to start a blog.  Why? because it highlights the art process in miniature.

watch body.

Planning for this watch has taken over a year in development from renderings to test models and tooling.

dial wavecrop.jpg

The concept for this watch was to create a piece that was totally hand-built including the case, the dial, the hands and wrist strap hardware. This time piece employs is a vintage Swiss made, automatic, 27 jewel movement. The theme for the dial will be an ocean view with individually sculpted waves and an abstract sky. The scene will be .80 mm thick when completed!

skyscape metals

All of the metal for the sky (from the top): Platinum silver,pure gold, very dark white gold, platinum, 22 karat yellow gold, green gold and Shakudo (an ancient Japanese alloy composed of copper and gold). Each of these will be forged, fused and welded into a block to create the sky with clouds.