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290 Fillmore Street
Denver, CO 80206


                                     Object Design Studio

Considered one of the best, living, custom jewelers, Nelson Giesecke has been creating fine jewelry in the Cherry Creek area of Denver for forty years. Each piece is custom designed in gold, silver, platinum, steel or palladium.
The world’s best diamonds and gemstones are available to the discerning
customer who wishes to help create a truly one of a kind piece.
If you are looking for the best custom jewelry in Denver with a flair for the well engineered and mechanical; or if you are looking for a truly unique wedding or engagement ring, Then Object Design studio should be your destination.


Banging on Metal!

Creating and building high end, one of a kind jewelry and wrist watches. The process and concepts of each stage development. Kenitic art. Philosophy of art.


The ocean

Nelson Giesecke

Long before I became a goldsmith I fantasized how to make art that captured the "day." How do you make a thing that could make you feel the "moment," feel the breeze or sense the warmth of the sun on a certain afternoon? So you can see that some of the pieces I have made in metal reflect that quest.

Gold Landscape and seascape with footprint and diamond sky.

Gold Landscape and seascape with footprint and diamond sky.

The movement of the ocean has always been fascinating. The force of the tides, reflected side currents and the direction of the wind creates motion in water. This motion becomes more and more amplified as the waves finally crash against the beach in a beautiful ballet of chaos,  rhythm and sound. To portray this experience in metal as a static bas-relief  becomes a particular challenge; especially when it cannot be thicker than a piece of paper for a watch dial!

transparent wax relief.

transparent wax relief.

It has taken two weeks and constant experimenting with new tools and techniques to render these waves in perspective. It will take another two or three weeks to render the sky and carefully smooth and burnish each wave. To be continued!

November 2018! Finally, the concept of the day may be realized! Philip Stoller, the watchmaker who created many of the parts for the last watch has successfully built the complication for the new watch we are designing. In this complication the sky moves in the background, the clouds move west to east in the middle ground and the dial has clouds for the foreground.Watch this video: